Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back to the 'Burbs

I made it back in time for Christmas 1990. The SAAM flight went out without a hitch from King George Island. It's funny how I spent five years in the military and never flew on a military C-130 until I went down to Antarctica.

I got myself a job just after the Christmas holiday and started on January 28th, 1991. I am still homesick for Antarctica, but am resolved not to go back under the current company holding the contract. Besides, it is time to settle down into the real world and get a life.

To: Rich Skane (aka, Armando Stiletto)
Palmer Station, Antarctica
From: Dave Gallas, Naperville, IL
March 21, 1991

Hola Amigo!!
Here it is, already the 21st of March; skies blue, weather in the big city is fantastic and me stuck inside on the 24th floor, looking down at the wonderful south side of Chicago. Took a walk down to the lakefront at lunch to enjoy the weather and the water. I miss living near the water.

I'm catching on to the job fairly quick and really enjoy the people that I'm working with. The only sticking point is the solvency of the corporation at this point.

Don't know if Al told you anything about my new job, but I started at the end of January working for a company called Infotron. It is a wide area network company out of New Jersey. I worked with their equipment when I was at MCI before coming down to the Ice, so I had an "in" so to speak.

The biggest drag is probably driving into the city everyday from Naperville. If I get caught in rush hour traffic, it takes a minimum of 1-1/2 hours. Not anything like the ol’ Antarctic-roll-outta-bed-and-into-the-shop five minute commute.

As crazy as it sounds, I really enjoy working in the city. After Antarctica, it is a kind of fun to get lost in the thousands of people in the city. The hustle and bustle of the city is a lot of fun, but there is no way I could ever live down here---I'm just a suburbanite at heart. Take care and write back soon.

Suburbanly yours,